Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Kagi Search is a lightning-fast, user-centric, 100% privacy-respecting search engine with results augmented by non-commercial indexes and personalized searches. Kagi features a clean, high-performance user interface with only the most relevant results and no telemetry, ads, or collection of private information. You can learn more about its unique features, including the use of Lenses and Personalized Results.

We are confident that Kagi will help you amplify your search abilities, become more creative in finding information, and accelerate your productivity.

How do I get help with Kagi?

Beyond using this knowledge base, you have several options:

  • We have a feedback forum for bug reports and feature requests.
  • We have a Discord server where you can provide general feedback and directly communicate with our community.
  • You can email for help. Before emailing, please see if your issue has been addressed on this knowledge base or the feedback forum.

How do I set Kagi as my default search engine?

You can install a free browser extension or manually configure your browser to use Kagi Search. Check out our documentation for details.

Why does Kagi Search require an account?

Kagi Search requires an account only because it is a paid service which requires an account for the transaction.

Note that Kagi does not collect any personal information for billing and that you can even use an anonymous payment card such as PrivacyHQ if you want to.

Why does Kagi Search require an email address?

We require an email address to be able to verify the account really belongs to you in the following cases:

  • To handle the account recovery (in case you lose your password)
  • In case you contact us via email with an account related questions (in particular requests to delete your account or change your subscription)
  • To occasionaly send product updates, which you can disable in your Kagi settings or unsubscribe directly from the email

Note that you can use an anonymous email provider such as SimpleLogin with Kagi Search and it is up to you what email address you want to use.

Kagi does need your personal information and the above requirements are just bare minimums needed in order to be able to operate a subscription product business.

I have privacy concerns over linking my search queries with my credit card. Why should I trust you?

We do not log search queries. Queries you type are never associated with your account. The simple reason is we don't have any reason to do so, as it would only be a liability for us. We are in the business of selling search results, not user data.

You can also check our privacy policy for more information.

What data does Kagi collect?

Only bare necessities to run the service. Please see our privacy policy and our documentation about privacy protection for more information.


How do Kagi's features compare to other search engines?

Kagi has key features you won't find in other search engines.

How are searches counted?

  • Bangs and search suggestions (while typing) are never counted as searches.
  • Reloading the same search within a short time (~2 minutes) does not count as an additional search.
  • Each lense and content type (e.g. images, news) is considered a separate search.
  • Loading more results counts as an additional search.

Why is Kagi focusing on AI and Orion Browser as well?

Kagi has zero marketing budget and spends zero on marketing, we see Orion and AI as customer acquisition channels for Kagi. Orion is already providing about 20% of our customers, people find Orion first and then find out about Kagi. Instead of spending money on marketing we are spending money on the products because we want to holistically solve the problem of consuming information on the web, not just search. There is a wonderful synergy between Orion and Kagi as well as the Universal Summarizer technology that we are investing in.

Kagi is in the business of search, not in the business of selling AI, our philosophy is that AI is there to enhance the experience, not create it. We are excited by the possibilities that AI will bring - the initial demonstration shows the expansion of search backed by AI, for example the ability to chat with any document on the web. And currently only 10% of searches that can be made are actually being made, which is because current engines cannot cover the remaining 90%.

Will you expose the Search API?

Now that we have billing infrastructure in place we can expose the API to personal accounts so that they can access the API. We are still working out how to charge for the API however this will be solved quickly given that we have metered abilities in place.

How do I check my usage?

You can check your usage here. This can also be accessed by clicking Check Usage from the Settings -> Billing page.