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Pick The Right Plan

Important Notice: Our pricing changed on September 21st, please review our Plan Types for more information and refer to our blog post for a longer discussion.

Start Simple

We understand picking the right plan can be challenging and while we have expertise in this area and are prepared to help we suggest starting with the simple Starter plan. It is very unlikely you will exceed the allotted searches for this plan unless you are in the top 1% of searching users. To be in the top 1% you would likely need to depend on search on a daily basis for your livelihood. As a reminder the Starter plan is USD $5/month with 300 searches included.

Upgrade to Unlimited Searches

If you find that you are consistently running out of searches at the end of each month because you have the Starter plan and need more than 300 searches it is time to consider the Professional plan. This plan is priced at USD $10/month and you get unlimited searches!

Consider the Ultimate Plan for Advanced Features

If you are interested in taking advantage of all the advanced features that Kagi is building then it is time to upgrade to the Ultimate plan. This gives you access to exclusive and early access to Kagi features and services.

  • Note: Starting September 21st, we’re giving Ultimate Plan users access to the closed beta of the next generation of tools that Kagi is bringing to the web.

Understand Your Consumption

Kagi has a feature to check your current search usage if you are interested in really taking apart your consumption.