Pick The Right Plan

Start Simple

We understand picking the right plan can be challenging and while we have expterise in this area and are prepared to help we suggest starting with the simple Standard plan. It is very unlikely you will exceed the alotted searches for this plan unless you are in the top 1% of searching users. To be in the top 1% you would likely need to depend on search on a daily basis for your livelihood. As a reminder the Standard plan is USD $5/month with 200 searches included and additional searches available on a pay-per-use model, which are priced at 1.5 cents per search.

Scale With Your Costs

If you find that you are consistently paying an additional fee at the end of each month because you have the Standard plan and are exceeding 200 searches it is time to consider the Professional plan. This plan is priced at USD $10/month and you get 700 searches! To exceed this amount of searches in a single month you are likely a developer, researcher or some other professional who relies on the internet for your livelihood and are searching dozens if not hundreds of times per day.

Consider the Ultimate Plan for Advanced Features

If you find yourself going over $25 per month due to increased pay-per-use search and you are interested in taking advantage of all the advanced features that Kagi is buidling then it is time to upgrade to the Ultimate plan.

Optionally, Consider the Numbers

Some people like to see the numbers, and we have them prepared for you, however we recommend following the advice stated above if you are unsure how to get started, or simply don't like looking at math!

How Costs Break Down

Now consider an example:

  • If a new user averages 5 searches per day (150/month), they’ll pay $5.00.
  • If a new users averages 10 searches per day (300/month), they’ll pay $5 + 100 * $0.015 = $6.50.
  • If a new users averages 30 searches per day (900/month), they’ll pay $10 + 200 * $0.015 = $13.00.

The average Kagi user is searching 700 times per month and we designed the Professional plan with this consumption in mind.

  • If you search less than 533 times per month, the Standard plan will be cheapest.
  • If you search more than 533, but less than 1700 times (2000 for early adopters) per month, the Professional plan is the cheapest.
  • If you search more than 1700 times (2000 for early adopters) per month, the Ultimate plan is for you.

Understand Your Consumption

Kagi has a feature to check your current search usage if you are interested in really taking apart your consumption.