The search API provides programmatic access to data that powers our search results & more.

Note: Kagi Search API is currently only available in the Team Plan.

Beta Status

The API is currently in a "v0" beta status. Changes will be ongoing, and will be added to the documentation below as features become available.

Use at your own risk, but please reach out to us if you have any questions.

See the Support and Contributing sections for details.

API Usage Billing

API usage is billed the same as your normal account activity. If you are on a pay-per-search plan, then searching with the API will also count as a search with your account, attributed to your active billing account.

Endpoints that contribute to your billing account's usage will be marked with a note:

This is a PAID endpoint.


If you have issues or questions with the Search API, you can get assistance in a few ways:

GitHub Discussions

This is the preferred venue for bug reports and feature requests.


Good for quick questions, chatting about thing you've made with our APIs!