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We blog at about company updates product features and other important news. You can subscribe to our blog's RSS feed.

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We have a Kagi Search Discord server where you can join our community for real-time discussion about the product and chat with other Kagi users.

Please use the #introduce-yourself channel to say hello and let everyone know a bit about you.

We'd also love to hear your initial thoughts about Kagi Search on the #first-impressions channel.

To make specific feature requests or bug reports, please use our Kagi Search feedback forum rather than Discord.

Feedback Forum

You can join to see the bug reports and feature requests we are discussing, reviewing, and planning to address and to the discussion.

  • Please see our Bug Reporting Guide for instructions on reporting issues.
  • All bugs and feature requests are encouraged to be posted on the forum.


Our community drives the future product direction of Kagi Search, and we hope you will become a part of it. Check out our roadmap.

Release Notes

Release notes are published at:

RSS feed for release notes is available at:

Customer Support

Before contating us for support please see if your issue has been addressed on this knowledge base or our Kagi Search feedback forum.

Feel free to email us or use the Kagi Search Discord server for support.

Twitter (er, X?)

KagiHQ on Twitter