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Welcome to Kagi Search Help!

Welcome to Kagi Search Help! If you're new to Kagi Search, our Quick Start and FAQs are great places to begin. If you can’t find an answer to your Kagi question, ask the community or email us at

To send a bug report or a feature suggestion, you can use

You can access our documentation in several ways:

  • Click or tap an article link from the list.
  • Click or tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen and do a search.
  • Use the !help bang in Kagi Search. For example, searching in Kagi for !help setting Kagi as default search engine will show you results containing our default search documentation.

Feedback about this Kagi Search documentation can be shared on our Discord Server in the #documentation channel. We would love to hear your thoughts on anything we can fix or improve.

Kagi is a high quality, 100% privacy-respecting search engine with results augmented by non-commercial indexes and personalized searches. We're glad you're here!

About Orion Browser

Orion is a fast, zero telemetry browser for Mac/iOS. Learn more about Orion or check Orion documentation.


This documentation is open source at our Kagi Docs repo.

We gladly welcome any fixes & improvements! Please see our contribution guide before making a Pull Request.

Once your contributions are accepted, make sure to add yourself to the list of Contributors. Thank you!