Kagi Inc. is a company created with the mission to humanize the web. Our goal is to amplify the web of human knowledge, creativity, and self-expression and provide the user tools to fight against the web of greed, ad tech, and user tracking.

Kagi was founded in 2018 by Vladimir Prelovac in Palo Alto, CA (USA). Kagi has been completely self-funded since its inception.

Kagi Inc. currently has two products: Kagi Search, a fast, private search engine, and Orion Browser, a fast, zero-telemetry browser.

Our company headquarters are in Palo Alto, CA and our products are being built by a fully-remote team. Our team is small, like “feed with two pizzas” small. Of course, it’d be tricky to deliver those slices across 16 timezones, because our team is that remote.

Kagi Inc.
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Email: vlad@kagi.com

We hope that our work impacts people's lives in some small way for the better. Thank you for your interest in being a part of this!

"With Kagi and Orion, we’re striving to build better ways to experience the web, ways that are safe yet fun for everyone, including my own kids."

—Vladimir Prelovac