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Community Add-ons

Members of the Kagi community have brought Kagi to their favorite tools! You can find a list below of integrations that our users have contributed to other products, or built themselves.

If you created or found a Kagi integration with other products or tools, we would happily welcome a pull request to this page!


Raycast is a extendible launcher application for MacOS.


Alfred is a macOS utility for adding custom hotkeys, actions, and more.


PopClip is a macOS utility tool that pops up with a menu of actions when you select text on your screen.


You can drag one of the following links to the bookmarks bar in your browser to immediately access a specific function of Kagi for the page in your current tab. You may rename the bookmarks however you want afterwards.

Discuss Document (same window)
Discuss Document (new window/tab)
Summarize (same window)
Summarize (new window/tab)

Firefox Context Menu Add-on

Adds a button to the right click context menu on Firefox that allows you to open URLs in Kagi Summarizer

Unofficial Kagi Link Summarizer Add-on

Apple Shortcuts

Summarize URL: Summarize any URL using the Share Sheet or your Clipboard on your iPhone, iPad or Mac - Credits to Sean Chou

Ask Kagi: Ask Kagi's FastGPT AI questions, Siri will read out the result. Great for idle questions in the car! You must insert your own API key, get your API key here - Credits to Alex Schuldberg

Script Kit

Chrome Extension

FastGPT to Markdown: Copy Kagi FastGPT question and answer to your clipboard, nicely formatted in Markdown.


  • kagi.el: Emacs package that provides access to the Kagi FastGPT and Universal Summarizer API.


BangNavigator is a privacy-centric search and research browser designed to enhance your mobile search experience while ensuring your personal data and identity remains secure during research.

Some of the features are:

  • Privacy by Default: Incognito mode is enabled by default to keep your searches and browsing history private.
  • Full Browser Functionality: Includes all the essential features of a basic browser to browse the web efficiently.
  • Kagi Integration: Seamlessly integrates Kagi's search, assistant, and summarizer tools within a user-friendly interface.
  • Easy Sharing: Share URLs or text from any app directly into BangNavigator without the need to copy and paste, for direct use with summarizer/assistant.
  • Quick Summarization: Long press any link on a website to get a summary via Kagi's summarizer.
  • Enhanced Text Interaction: Custom context menu allows for easy passage of marked text to Kagi's search or assistant tools.
  • Home Widget: Includes a home screen widget for quick actions, enhancing productivity.
  • Speech Input: Supports voice commands for hands-free operation and accessibility.
  • PDF processing: Open and directly summarize/prompt PDF documents.