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Say no to Ads ‚Äč

Removing advertising from the web is the way forward.

  • Ads slow down the web, make using the web unfriendly and intelligence-insulting, affect the way we think and behave and have a devastating effect on children.
  • Tracking co-exists with ads and is a way to gather our personal information, usually without permission or consent, to increase adverting effectiveness.

Kagi Inc. products are free of ads and trackers.

Kagi Search is an ad-free search engine that will actively down-rank sites with lots of ads and trackers in the results and promote sites with little or no advertising. Kagi is a paid search engine (that is how we make money) and has a free plan that allows you to try it before buying.

Orion Browser is the world's first zero-telemetry browser with powerful 1st party and 3rd party ads/tracking blocking. Orion is free with an optional paid plan if you want to support its development and is currently available for all Apple devices.

If you cannot use the Orion browser, we recommend installing uBlock Origin extension for your browser. It is the best ad-blocking extension and is entirely free to use.