Kagi vs. The Competition


The table below shows how Kagi stacks up to some of the most popular search engines around in terms of key features.

Has own search resultsYesYesNoYesYes
Builds own MapsYesYesNoYesNo
User can block sitesYesNoNoNoNo
Question answeringYesYesNoYesNo
Ad-free business modelYesNoNoNoYes
Anonymises user dataYesNoYesYesNo
Zero search telemetryYesNoNoNoNo


We’re obsessed with increasing speed and lowering latency, and we currently use three approaches.

First, we optimized our technology stack to increase code execution speed and decrease connection latency.

Second, we reduced data transfer between Kagi and the browser, in some cases as much as 20x less compared to some of our competitors! This reduction has the neat side-effect of reducing CO2 emissions. Using Kagi Search will benefit the environment as well as you!

ProductSERP SizeCO2Load Time
Kagi0.76 MB0.43 g0.4 s
Ecosia1.55 MB0.89 g1.2 s
Bing1.94 MB1.11 g0.8 s
Google2.43 MB1.39 g2.4 s
DuckDuckGo2.48 MB1.42 g2.1 s
Data from ecoping.earth

Third, our infrastructure is global, so you’ll always connect automatically to the Kagi node closest to you.