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Kagi Assistant is a product feature backed by Kagi Search and large language models.

Kagi Assistant is currently in closed beta only available to Ultimate plan members.

Assistant Modes


Research assistant uses Kagi search and external sources like Wolfram Alpha, together with an AI model to answer your queries.

Kagi Assistant - Research

This mode is available in two variants:

  • Fast: Kagi search coupled with a fast LLM (claude-instant). Optimized for speed, while not sacrificing quality. Access directly with the !fast bang.
  • Expert: Multiple Kagi searches (and external services) together with the best available LLM (claude-2) for the highest accuracy and comprehensive responses. Access directly with the !expert bang.


Code assistant is tuned for programming tasks and uses a powerful AI model for programming.

Kagi Assistant - Code

For Starter and Professional members this mode uses gpt-3.5-turbo, and for Ultimate members it uses gpt-4.

Access directly with the !code bang.


Chat assistant allows direct access to a variety of large language models for creative tasks.

Kagi Assistant - Chat

This mode supports the following models:

  • OpenAI
    • gpt-3.5-turbo
    • gpt-4 (for Ultimate members)
    • gpt-4-turbo (for Ultimate members)
  • Anthropic
    • claude-instant
    • claude-2 (for Ultimate members)
  • Google
    • chat-bison
    • code-bison (Codey)

Access directly with the !chat bang.


Custom assistant allows you to further customize one of the existing modes.

Kagi Assistant - Custom

Select the base mode (and variant/model where applicable) and add your own custom instructions. Setup is detailed in the Assistant settings help page.

Access directly with the !custom bang.