Search Settings

These are settings that primarily affect Web search results.

Search Settings 1


  • Search Suggestions — Choose whether to see search suggestions as you type in the search box.
  • Search Suggestion Details — Choose whether to see images and a description with the search suggestions as you type in the search box.
  • Advanced Search Always Open — Choose whether to show advanced search options on landing pages by default. Here's what that looks like enabled:

Advanced Search Options

  • Grouped Results - Choose whether to group search results of the same domain on the page or unroll them into individual results, enabled by default. Here's what that looks like enabled:

Grouped Results

Here's what that looks like disabled:

Ungrouped Results

  • Search Results per Page — Choose to show All, 10, or 20 results per page.
  • Result Snippet Length — Influence how snippets are chosen from our indexes, whether to prefer short and punctual snippets, or longer detailed ones.
  • Search Bangs — Choose whether to allow the use of search bangs. For example, !r merge lane etiquette will search Reddit for you.
    • Allowed Quick Bangs — Choose whether to use up to 20 bangs without the '!' character. For example, 'r' followed by a 'space' would activate a search on Reddit.

Search Settings 2

  • Instant Answers — Choose whether to allow answers to your questions using Kagi AI at the top of your search results. For example, try a search for how far is the moon from earth.
  • Inline Videos — Choose whether inline videos will appear in results.
  • Inline Images — Choose whether inline news will appear in results.
  • Inline Discussions — Choose whether inline discussions will appear in results. Discussions are collected from forum posts related to your query.
  • Interesting Finds — Choose whether Interesting Finds will appear in results. This section typically features technical blog posts and opinion pieces from forums. It can be useful when researching or looking for what people are saying about a particular topic.
  • Wikipedia — Choose whether the Wikipedia widget will appear in results.
  • Related Searches — Choose whether related searches will be shown with results.
  • Listicles — Choose whether listicle results will be shown. Listicles are short-form writing that uses a list as its thematic structure. For example, a listicle might be called “The Top 10 Things in 2022”. This section gathers listicle-style pages in one place, keeping all other types of results free of their clutter.
  • Inline Maps — Choose whether inline maps will appear in results.