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Getting a Token

You can obtain a token from the Kagi API Settings page.

Tokens do not expire, but note that:

  • The token will only be shown to you once. This is to prevent an attacker who has access to your account from getting your active API token as well.
  • Generating a new token will invalidate the old one.
  • If you are removed from a billing plan that has Search API access, your API credentials will also be removed.

Passing Authorization in Requests

Authentication is supplied as a standard Authorization HTTP header, with a valid API token, using the form $TOKEN_TYPE $TOKEN.


Authorization: Bot AADAfUCEQwM._ascRlUhf7wXGjkrsDqDkWb74JfyGs3d2_QqUpcQsO0

Currently, the only token type is Bot.

IP Limit

To help secure and control your account's API access, you can optionally set up an IP address limit, which will cause our API to reject any requests made with your API token that do not originate from the listed IP address.

You can configure this on the Search API Settings page.