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Privacy Protection

Unlike "free" search engines, we do not log searches or in any way tie them to an account.

"Free" search engines have two ways to make money—get more users or sell more ads per user. The easiest, fastest way is to mine more data to sell ads more effectively. Many search-engine companies have buckled under investor pressure, leading us to the online privacy issues we have today.

Paid models like Kagi only make money when users pay us, and users only pay when they receive great value. We offer superior result quality, features, speed, and—of course—privacy. If we compromise on any of these points, we lose users. Therefore, we have to offer a better product that includes the best possible privacy.

We designed our product to give you a good answer and get you on your way instead of forcing you to wade through a swamp of results that have leeches lurking under the surface.

Data Collection

We only collect the bare necessities to run the service. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Email Address Collection

We tie Kagi Search accounts to email addresses so we can help users with account recovery should they ever need it. Rest assured that all Kagi Searches are anonymized and are never tied to your specific account.

Note that you can register for Kagi Search with any email address you control. You do not have to use an email address that can easily identify you.

Building Trust

Let us reiterate that we do not log searches or in any way tie them to an account. We simply have no incentive to do it. Our business model is to sell subscriptions, not user data.

Kagi's business model is unlike any other search engine. This means we don't need or want your personal information (it would just be an unwelcome liability). In fact, the only data we store is an email address. That can be any email address, as long as you can use it to recover your account. There is no other personal information shared with Kagi.

By choosing this business model, we will have far fewer users than mainstream search engines. But we have also removed any incentive to misuse the information you have shared with us.