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Website Info & Personalized Results

To the right of each Kagi search result is a shield icon. Hovering over the icon or tapping it will access additional features related to the webpage for that result.

Crystal Ball Icon

Personalized Results

Midway down the information window for the search result, you can tweak how the website for the result is treated in future Kagi searches.

Personalized Results Example

Your options are to:

  • Block the website
  • Lower the ranking of the website
  • Give the website a Normal ranking (the default)
  • Make the website ranking Higher
  • Pin the website to the top of search results

Web Archive and More Results Links

You can see your Personalized Results for all websites in Settings.

Domain Leaderboard

Wonder what are the most promoted and blocked domains among Kagi Search users?

Check the Personalization Leaderboard. We anonymously aggregate the rankings of domains that have been tagged by other Kagi users.

Personalization leaderboard

Website Information

At the bottom of the information window for the search result is useful data about the website for the result.

The information may include:

  • How many ads and trackers were detected on the website
  • The popularity ranking of the website
  • Whether the website uses a secure HTTPs connection
  • How fast the website responds to requests
Website Information

Web Archive & More Results

Near the top of the information window for the search result are two links you can use:

  • Open result in Web Archive will show you the history of the webpage at the Wayback Machine.
  • More results from this site will perform the same Kagi search again, but with results limited to the website of your initial result.
Web Archive and More Results Links