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Appearance Settings

These settings control various visual options.

Appearance Settings


  • Theme — Change your theme between System Default, Light, or Dark. This setting is stored for mobile and desktop separately.
  • Font Size — Change your font size between Small, Medium, Normal, Large, or Larger. This setting is stored for mobile and desktop separately.
  • Default Light Theme — Choose between Calm Blue and Fine Print for the Default Light Theme.
  • Default Dark Theme — Choose between Royal Blue and Moon Dark for the Default Light Theme.
  • Show Results — Choose between showing results aligned to the left or center of your screen.
  • Show URL Favicons — Choose whether to display a favicon next to the result title, the result title, or not at all.
  • Custom CSS — Access settings to customize the CSS of Kagi search and landing pages.

Customizing Display

In some cases you may want to apply custom CSS, a common example is removing the summary boxes at the top of search results.

The Three Boxes

This can be accomplished from within the Custom CSS editor.

In the editor add following contents: .searchResultAnswers { display: none; }

Once entered click "Apply Custom CSS" and refresh search results.