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Billing Settings

Important Notice: Our pricing changed on September 21st, please review our Plan Types for more information and refer to our blog post for a longer discussion.

These settings control your billing options and status with Kagi, there are two tabs you will use:

Billing Settings

Your billing settings will show you your Plan Type as well as:

  • Total searches this period
  • Searches used by AI (only on Trial plan)
  • Amount of credit value
  • Date of next renewal

You will also see options to:

  • Manage your Billing
  • Download an invoice

We have documentation that covers how to:

Switching a Plan

To switch your plan:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Billing
  2. Click "Switch Plan"
  3. Select a Plan you want to switch to
  4. Follow the prompts

Billing Settings: Retry Billing

If your billing gets declined you will need to retry the billing attempt for the invoice by selecting the Manage Billing option under your Billing Settings

Billing Settings: Orion Support

If you are supporting the Orion Browser made by the same team that builds Kagi you will see the subscription listed at the bottom of the page with the option to cancel (though we will work hard to make sure you do not!)

Billing Settings Orion

Monthly Search Usage

Toggling to this tab shows how many searches you've made over time and how that usage relates to any payments you've made.

Billing Settings Usage