Premium Plans

Signing Up for the Premium Plans

You can Sign Up for a new Kagi account and select the Plan Type during the sign-up process.

If you already have a Kagi account, you can upgrade your plan type in your Billing settings.

Managing Billing

To manage your Kagi Premium plan billing, go to your Billing settings.

Once in Billing settings, click the Manage Billing button. This button will take you to a webpage for Stripe, our payment processor.

From that Stripe page, you can:

  • Change your payment method
  • Change your billing information
  • See your invoices
  • Switch between monthly and annual billing (use the Update plan button)

Managing Pay-per-use Options

From within the billing screen you can change your pay-per-use limits and set two different types of limits:

  • The soft limit triggers a notification regarding pay-per-use cost.
  • The hard limit prevents further searches so you do not incur additional costs.

Pay Per Use

Canceling a Premium Plan

If you want to cancel your Premium plan, you can do so in your Kagi account's Billing settings:

  1. Once in Billing settings, click/tap the Manage Billing button. This will take you to a webpage for Stripe, our payment processor.
  2. Click/tap the Cancel plan button.
  3. On the next webpage, click/tap another Cancel plan button to confirm the cancellation.

No refunds or credits are available for canceled Premium plans.