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Ask Questions about Document

There are two ways to ask questions about a document:

  1. Directly in the search results
  2. On a dedicated page, independent of a previous search

In search results

Kagi offers the unique ability to Ask Questions about Document for pages that are returned in your search results. This options brings up an interactive chat window where you can ask further questions and Kagi AI will use the document to produce quick and meaningful answers. This option is easily accessible by expanding the options next to a specific web page in the result set.

Discuss Document

Once selected a new window will be opened where you can interact via chat with the desired document.

Discuss Window

Then you can ask any question you like!

Document Discussion

You can even ask questions in a different language!

Document Discussion Spanish

You can close out the discussion by selecting the X in the upper right hand of the window.

Discuss landing page

There's where you can enter the URL of any page that you want to discuss.

Discuss landing page