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Kagi Sidekick ‚Äč

Kagi Sidekick is a powerful and lightning-fast search interface with AI capabilities that you can easily integrate into your personal or documentation website. It helps your users and visitors quickly find the information they need, making their experience on your site more efficient and enjoyable. With just a few lines of code, you can add Kagi Sidekick to your site and start seeing the benefits. Check out a demo on Kagi's own documentation site at

When you add Kagi Sidekick to your site, we handle the complex tasks - indexing, embeddings, vector search, and AI-powered conversations about your pages - so you don't have to. Integrate in just two lines of code using our lightweight Web Components (20kB min+gzip), or use our plugins for Docusaurus, Hugo or VitePress.

We intend to offer Sidekick as a free service for small/personal websites and reasonably priced search option for commercial websites. The added benefit of using Kagi Sidekick is that your website will automatically (after opt-in) be indexed to show in Kagi search.

We are currently in the process of gauging demand for this service. Please register your interest and we'll notify you when it launches. You can also submit feedback in the Sidekick discussion thread.