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Plan Types

Important Notice: Our pricing changed on September 21st, please refer to our blog post for a longer discussion.

Kagi offers several individual subscriptions plans.

Individual Plans

  • The Trial plan is limited to 100 total searches. This plan is suited for those interested in exploring Kagi and curious about paid search engines.
  • The Starter plan offers 300 searches for USD $5 per month. This plan is suited for users who are new to paid search engines and are looking to own their search experience.
  • The Professional plan offers unlimited searches for USD $10 per month. This plan is suited for internet professionals and developers who are prolific and advanced search users.
  • The Ultimate plan offers unlimited searches, exclusive and early access to Kagi features and services for USD $25 per month and offers the most power to the user.
    • Note: Starting September 21st, we’re giving Ultimate Plan users access to the closed beta of the next generation of tools that Kagi is bringing to the web.

We also offer Family plans for two or more people.

How searches are counted

  • Bangs and search suggestions (while typing) are never counted as searches.
  • Reloading the same search within a short time (~2 minutes) does not count as an additional search.
  • Each lens and content type (e.g. images, news) is considered a separate search.
  • Loading more results counts as an additional search.

Note that searches do not roll over to the next month; the number of available searches resets each month. Months are counted starting from the date of subscription, and are not necessarily aligned with the months of the year.

Legacy Subscribers and Early Adopters

For any existing subscribers and early adopters who are interested in how legacy accounts will be used and maintained please refer to the blog post Updates to Kagi Search pricing.

Why Tiered Pricing

This tiered pricing system is easy to understand and ensures Kagi’s financial sustainability for the future so that we can continue to provide you with the tools to own your search experience as we pursue our mission to humanize the web.