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Kagi Keyboard Shortcuts and Search Operators

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Viewing Keyboard Shortcuts and Search Operators

If you press ? on your keyboard (shift + /) while in search results, Kagi will open a scrollable window showing keyboard shortcuts, search operators, query shortcuts, and widgets. You can also click or tap Help at the bottom of any Kagi webpage to see the same information.

Search Operators

Keyboard Shortcuts

? — Toggle open/close the keyboard shortcut help screen

j / arrowdown — Move highlight down a result

k / arrowup — Move highlight up a result

h / arrowleft — Move left within horizontal inline content, or change boost/ban status in site info modal

l / arrowright — Move right within horizontal inline content, or change boost/ban status in site info modal

enter — Go to highlighted result (or open first result, which would be highlighted)

/ — Focus the search bar

Escape — Reset highlight scroll state to first result, or close site info modal

Shift + ~ — Open Control Center

s — Open site info modal on the currently highlighted result if applicable, or close it if already open

w — Open web search tab

i — Open images tab

v — Open videos tab

m — Open maps tab

n — Open news tab

] — Cycle forward between navigation tabs

[ — Cycle backwards between navigation tabs

Search Operators

filetype: — Returns only search results that match a particular file extension, for example: us census 1860 filetype:pdf. The filetypes available in Kagi Search come from anonymized queries of the available Google filetypes and Bing filetypes. (Bing does not provide a filetypes list.)

site: — Returns only search results from a particular website, for example: best in show dog

inurl: — Finds webpages whose URL includes a term of phrase, for example: best headphones inurl:forum

intitle: — Finds webpages whose title includes a term of phrase, for example: chess intitle:books

"words" — Finds the exact words in a phrase, for example: "survival is insufficient"

() — Finds or excludes webpages that contain a group of words, examples below

AND — Finds webpages that contain all the terms or phrases, for example: sweaters (christmas AND ugly)

+ and - — Finds webpages that contain or exclude a term or phrase, for example: food +cat -dog

OR — Finds webpages that contain either of the terms or phrases, for example: recipes (szechuan OR cantonese)

* — Matches any word, for example: best * ever

Query Shortcuts & Widgets

!bang — Use Kagi bangs, for example you can use !r to directly search reddit: !r han shot first

\query or query ! — Opens the first result of the search, for example: \tommy westphall universe hypothesis or outfit movie !

!kBang that performs a standard Kagi Web search, for example !k benefits of ice baths. This can be useful if you are on the Images, Videos, News, or Maps tabs and want to do a Web search without changing tabs.

!iBang that performs a Kagi Image search, for example: !i webb telescope photos

!vBang that performs a Kagi Video search, for example: !v emmanuel don't do it

!nBang that performs a Kagi News search, for example: !n apple

!mBang that performs a Kagi Maps search, for example: !m eiffel tower

!qBang that performs a search with Quick Answer enabled, for example: !q pythagorean theorem

calc — Opens a widget that can perform math calculations, unit conversions, and currency conversions, for example: calc. The widget opens automatically when you search for a calculation, like (45 * 2) / (5 + 10).

ip address — Check your IP address by searching for ip address

timer / stopwatch — Search for timer or stopwatch to see a widget with those functions

translate — Open a language translation widget by searching for translate