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Content Policy

As a search engine Kagi is used to find a wide variety of information to inform and improve its user’s lives. There is, however, a wide variety of content online that some may find distasteful, problematic, or immoral.

This raises difficult questions about whether Kagi should censor information found on the open web or augment results with messaging to inform the user they may be making poor choices.

We do not censor information and we take our responsibility to serve our users and society seriously. When evaluating these types of decisions we use the following principles:

  • Be transparent about how we think about and make decisions; we seek alternative perspectives and feedback and engage in discussions in public forums.

  • These are decisions where reasonable people can disagree. We try to ensure that difficult decisions are based on well defined and agreed principles rather than arbitrarily made.

  • If we cannot define workable principles we seek to create accountability for the people making what end up being arbitrary decisions.

  • Ideally many of these decisions with societal impact are made not by a tech company's employees, but by representative governments. We abide by all applicable laws governing what information people should be able to find online.