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Kagi Inc. is a company created with the mission to humanize the web. Our goal is to amplify the web of human knowledge, creativity, and self-expression.

We want to bring a friendly version of the internet, one that has users' best interest in mind, into homes worldwide through our user-centric products.

Kagi (pronounced kah-gee) was founded in 2018 by Vladimir Prelovac in Palo Alto, CA (USA). Kagi's advisory board consists of Raghu Murthi, Dr. Norman Winarsky and Stephen Wolfram. Our team is a fully remote, operating in over 10 countries. We are actively hiring.

Kagi has been bootstrapped 2018 to 2023, with ~$3M initial funding from the founder. In 2023, Kagi raised $670K from Kagi users in its first external fundraise, followed by $1.88M raised in 2024, again from our users, bringing the number of users-investors to 93.

Kagi launched in June 2022 and we maintain a public page tracking real-time Kagi growth and usage statistics at

In the early 2024, Kagi became a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC).

Kagi Inc. currently has two core products: Kagi Search, a fast, private search engine, and Orion Browser, a fast, zero-telemetry, WebKit-based browser. We also have a number of other products such as:

Read about Kagi's origin story and The Age of Pagerank is Over blog post, which serves as our manifesto.

We hope that our work impacts people's lives in some small way for the better. Thank you for your interest in being a part of this!

"With Kagi and Orion, we’re striving to build better ways to experience the web, ways that are safe yet fun for everyone, including my own kids."

—Vladimir Prelovac


Kagi Inc.
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Phone: 650 535-2700

What Does "Kagi" Mean?

The word "kagi" means "key" in Japanese.

Kagi is pronounced as kah-gee. You can listen to the pronunciation.

Kagi Logo

More Kagi assets are available on the Kagi Assets page.

People sometimes ask: why does Kagi have a "g" logo in the Google ballpark rather than a "k"?

Our brand designer insisted the Kagi logo is "anchored" in the letter "g," and we had to agree. Besides, we can't let Google own the letter "g" too, can we? 😉

Orion Logo

More Orion assets are available on the Orion Press Kit page.

Who is Kagi's Mascot?

We simply call him ”Doggo” for now. He's adorable! We have more assets available.

Doggo Kagi Mascot