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1Password & Orion

1Password Extension

1Password is now compatible with Orion thanks to the joint effort between 1Password and Orion teams. To use 1Password in Orion you will need the latest version of 1Password browser extension (to get it, choose Tools > Extensions, then click Popular Extensions in Orion).

Orion Popular Extensions Menu

1Password Extension for Orion

1Password Extension for Orion - Permissions

1Password App

To use 1Password with Orion, you need to have the 1Password app installed (version 8.10.16 +), since it allows browser whitelisting (you will need to add Orion as a whitelisted app).

Whitelisting Orion in 1Password

To add Orion as a whitelisted app in 1Password, you need to add Orion to the list of Trusted Browsers, to do this go to 1Password > ‌Settings > Browser > Add Browser, then select Orion in your Applications folder and click Open, you will be presented with a modal to provide Orion with access to 1Password. To continue, press Authorize.

1Password Settings Menu

1Password Settings - Trusted Browsers

1Password Settings - Select Orion in the Open Modal

1Password Settings - Authorize Orion

1Password Global Autofill

1Password 8 for macOS has a global autofill feature that does not require using any browser extension. To use it, click inside a login field and press the Command and \ keys at the same time.