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Web Apps

Orion has a powerful feature that allows you to create dedicated apps for any website, letting you fully immerse in them without distractions. Web apps will have their own icon in your Dock and in the Finder.

To create a web app simply open the website you want to create the app for, then go to the Tools menu and select Install This Site as an App, this will bring up a modal where you can enter a name for the app. When you are ready, press the Create button.

Install Web App Menu

Install Web App Modal

If you expand the Options section using the arrow button, you can also:

  • Specify the exact URL to load when launching the web app.
  • Choose if you want the app to load the Desktop or Mobile version of the website.
  • Select the Orion Profile to use.
  • Make the app Float on Top of other windows.
  • Select if you want the Title Bar to be shown.
  • Choose a custom app icon.

Install Web App Options

Managing Web Apps

To manage your web apps, you can go to the Tools menu and select Manage Apps. Alternatively, you can also browse to "~/Applications/Orion/WebApps/" using the Finder.

Manage Web Apps Menu

Web Apps Location in Finder