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Fastmail Issues ‚Äč

If you're having trouble using the Fastmail web app in Orion, the steps below may help.

  1. Leave the "Keep me logged in" box unchecked when logging into the Fastmail web app.

Fastmail Login

  1. While viewing the Fastmail web app at in Orion, enable Compatibility Mode by using the gear icon on Orion's toolbar:

Compatibility Mode for Fastmail on macOS

  1. Enable Compatibility Mode for in Preferences:
    1. Click the Orion menu and click Preferences.
    2. Click the Websites tab.
    3. Choose Compatibility Mode from the list of options.
    4. Click the + icon.
    5. Type or paste into the text field and click Add.
    6. You will see the addition reflected in your Preferences.

Compatibility Mode + Button

Compatibility Mode Add Website

Compatibility Mode Website Added