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Preventing Fingerprinting

Orion approaches this problem with the philosophy of "no fingerprinter running, no fingerprinting possible". This is because it is literally impossible to prevent fingerprinting from a sophisticated fingerprinter, if one is ever allowed to run.

Even a simple JS/CSS based fingerprinter will bypass 99% of "protections" created by browsers, let alone something sophisticated such as GPU fingerprinting or audio driver fingerprinting. Literally, if Javascript/CSS is allowed to run in your browser, and a fingerprinter runs on the page, your browser will be fingerprinted.

So forget user agent/screen resolution/OS masking and other marketing talk used by browsers—this was maybe a thing 15 years ago, if ever. This does not protect you against sophisticated fingerprinters on the web.

The only efficient protection against fingerprinting is what Orion is doing - preventing any fingerprinter from running in the first place. Orion is the only browser on the market that comes with full first-party and third-party ad and tracking script blocking, built-in by default, making sure invasive fingerprinters never run on the page.