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Orion vs. Chrome, Firefox, & Others

Google and Mozilla have made great technological strides over the past decades. We’re grateful for those efforts because they help us take the next step in browser evolution. Orion has superior performance, memory use, and battery efficiency compared to any non-WebKit browser on a macOS.

Orion is the first browser to have a zero-telemetry policy, meaning it will never "phone home" with any of your data. It also comes with a default blocker that knocks out ads and trackers, keeping websites respectful of our users.

As a native Mac app, Orion uses macOS components to give you the speed, look, and feel of a Mac app along with deep integration of native system technologies.

And, of course, Orion takes its users seriously. Because we’re zero telemetry, we design the product based only on what our users tell us. We’re here for you, and we’re doing this together!