Password Management

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Password Storage & Sync

Many users of Safari on Apple devices use iCloud Keychain to automatically sync Safari data, including website passwords, across devices.

Third-party web browsers, like Orion, cannot sync with the Keychain used by Safari. Orion must use its own Orion-specific Keychain. Safari cannot see the Orion Keychain and Orion cannot see the Safari Keychain.

If you want to use your Safari passwords in Orion, you will need to import the passwords into Orion on macOS. Then, you can use the passwords in Orion on all Apple devices through Orion's own Keychain sync.

Importing Safari Passwords into Orion on macOS

Orion on macOS can import your passwords from Safari 15+ on macOS. These versions of Safari ship with macOS 12 (Monterey) and macOS 13 (Ventura). They are also available on macOS 11 (Big Sur) through the Safari Technology Preview.

Once you have Safari 15+, follow these steps in Orion:

  1. Click the File menu, choose Import From, and choose Safari.

Importing from Safari

  1. Orion can import many different types of data from Safari, including passwords. Check and uncheck your desired import data and then click the Import button.

Safari Import

Syncing Passwords in Orion

To sync Orion passwords across devices, perform these steps on each device.


  1. Click the Apple menu (), click System Preferences, and click Apple ID.
    • If you're using macOS 3.14 (Mojave), you don't need to click Apple ID.

Open macOS System Preferences

Open macOS System Preferences

  1. In your iCloud/Apple ID settings, check the Keychain box if it isn't already checked.

Open macOS System Preferences


  1. Open the Settings app for your device.
  2. Tap your name at the top of Settings.
  3. Tap iCloud.
  4. Turn on Passwords and Keychain if it isn't already on.

iOS iCloud Settings

iOS iCloud Keychain Settings


  1. Open the Settings app for your device.
  2. Tap your name at the top left corner of Settings.
  3. Tap iCloud.

ipadOS iCloud Settings

  1. Turn on Keychain if it isn't already on.

iPadOS iCloud Settings fro Keychain

iPadOS iCloud Keychain Settings

1Password & Orion

1Password has not yet added support for Orion. Because of this, the 1Password browser extension does not function properly in Orion.

We have been told by 1Password that their development team is working on a new feature to allow users to choose their trusted browser. This will hopefully allow 1Password's browser extension to then work with Orion. 1Password has not given us any time estimate for when this new feature will be released.

In the meantime, 1Password 8 for macOS has a global autofill feature that does not require using any browser extension. Click inside a login field and press the command and \ keys at the same time.