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Password Management

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Orion's Password Manager

Orion includes a built-in Password Manager that makes it easy to store and automatically fill your usernames and passwords.

To use Orion's Password Manager, simply fill your login credentials in your favorite website and you will be prompted to save them when you submit the form.

macOS Save Password

The next time you visit that website, Orion will show you the list of saved passwords so you can select the one you need, Orion will then fill the login information automatically.

macOS Fill Password

Orion also allows you to manage your saved passwords. To access the Passwords window, go to the Window menu and click on Passwords.

macOS Passwords Menu

This will open the Passwords window which will be locked to protect your privacy. Use your macOS password to unlock it.

macOS Passwords Window - Locked

Once you have entered your password, Orion will show you the list of all your saved passwords, you can click on any of them to reveal them.

macOS Passwords Window - List

You can also right click on a password to show additional options such as Copy Website, Copy Username, Copy Password and Edit. You can also use the Add Password and Remove Password buttons when needed.

macOS Passwords Window - Options

Password Storage & Sync

Many users of Safari on Apple devices use iCloud Keychain to automatically sync Safari data, including website passwords, across devices.

Third-party web browsers, like Orion, cannot sync with the Keychain used by Safari. Orion must use its own Orion-specific Keychain. Safari cannot see the Orion Keychain and Orion cannot see the Safari Keychain.

If you want to use your Safari passwords in Orion, you will need to import the passwords into Orion on macOS. Then, you can use the passwords in Orion on all Apple devices through Orion's own Keychain sync.

Importing Safari Passwords into Orion on macOS

Orion on macOS can import your passwords from Safari 15+ on macOS. These versions of Safari ship with macOS 12 (Monterey) and macOS 13 (Ventura). They are also available on macOS 11 (Big Sur) through the Safari Technology Preview.

Once you have Safari 15+, follow these steps in Orion:

  1. Click the File menu, choose Import From, and choose Safari.

Importing from Safari

  1. Orion can import many different types of data from Safari, including passwords. Check and uncheck your desired import data and then click the Import button.

Safari Import

Syncing Passwords in Orion

To sync Orion passwords across devices, perform these steps on each device.


  1. Click the Apple menu (), click System Preferences, and click Apple ID.
    • If you're using macOS 3.14 (Mojave), you don't need to click Apple ID.

Open macOS System Preferences

Open macOS System Preferences

  1. In your iCloud/Apple ID settings, check the Keychain box if it isn't already checked.

Open macOS System Preferences


  1. Open the Settings app for your device.
  2. Tap your name at the top of Settings.
  3. Tap iCloud.
  4. Turn on Passwords and Keychain if it isn't already on.

iOS iCloud Settings

iOS iCloud Keychain Settings


  1. Open the Settings app for your device.
  2. Tap your name at the top left corner of Settings.
  3. Tap iCloud.

iPadOS iCloud Settings

  1. Turn on Keychain if it isn't already on.

iPadOS iCloud Settings for Keychain

iPadOS iCloud Keychain Settings

Using Safari Passwords in Orion on macOS

As an alternative to importing passwords from Safari into Orion, you can also access your Safari passwords in Orion directly. To enable this, first go to Orion > Settings > Passwords, and then disable the Use Orion's Keychain checkbox.

Third Party Passwords - Settings Menu

Third Party Passwords - Use Orion's Keychain

Now, to access your Safari passwords simply click the key icon in the login screen of your favorite website.

Third Party Passwords - Key Button

Then, click the Passwords button.

Third Party Passwords - Passwords Button

Next, you will be prompted to unlock your passwords with Touch ID or with your macOS password.

Third Party Passwords - Unlock Passwords

Finally, select the desired password from the list and click on Choose Password.

Third Party Passwords - Choose Password

1Password & Orion

1Password is now compatible with Orion thanks to the joint effort between 1Password and Orion teams. To use 1Password in Orion please follow these instructions.