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Block Auto-Play ‚Äč

Many websites have videos and other media that automatically play when you load webpages.

On Orion for macOS, all media with sound is automatically stopped by default. There is a setting to quickly change auto-play behavior across all websites. Unique auto-play settings can also be made for specific websites.

To configure auto-play settings:

  1. Click the Orion menu.
  2. Click Preferences.

Orion Preferences Menu Option

  1. Click the Websites tab of Preferences.
  2. Click on Auto Play from the list of settings on the left of the window.

Orion Preferences Menu Option

There is a Default settings for all websites option at the top right of the window that can be set to:

  • Allow all Auto-Play
  • Stop Media with Sound
  • Never Auto-Play

There is also an area in the lower right of the window where you can add (+ button) or remove (- button) websites and give listed websites specific auto-play settings.