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Orion's Content Blocker

Table of Contents

Default Blocklists

To protect you from most ads and trackers, Orion for Mac includes the following blocklists by default:

  • EasyList (Enabled)
  • EasyPrivacy (Enabled)
  • Fanboy's Annoyance (Disabled)

You can enable or disable these blocklists in Orion > Settings > Privacy, then click the Show Filter Lists button.

Custom Blocklists

Orion for Mac allows you to customize it's ad blocker by using custom blocklists. Blocklists are lists of domains that are known to serve ads, trackers, malware and other annoyances. Orion checks web page requests against these lists and blocks any requests to the listed domains. This prevents ads from being displayed and trackers from following you around.

Updating Blocklists

Blocklists are constantly updated as new ad/tracking domains appear. List maintainers work to identify and add new ad-serving domains as they pop up.

To manually update blocklists, go to Orion > Settings > Privacy and click Update Now. Wait for the "Processing update" message to disappear.

Blocklists - Update Now

Blocklists - Processing Update

Adding Blocklists

To add a blocklist to Orion, go to Orion > Settings > Privacy and click the Show Filter Lists button. Please note that Orion is compatible with Adblock Plus style blocklists.

Blocklists - Settings Menu

Blocklists - Show Filter Lists

Next, in the modal that opens, click the + button.

Blocklists - Add Blocklist

Then, paste the URL of the blocklist you wish to add and click the Add button. Finally click Done.

Blocklists - Custom URL

Blocklists - Done

Impact of Number of Blocking Rules on Performance

Orion's content blocker compiles each blocklist to convert it to native WebKit content blocking rules. This results in minimal performance impact dependent on the number of blocking rules that are active. The following chart illustrates the relationship between Orion's WebKit performance vs the number of blocking rules:

Blocklists - Impact of Number of Blocking Rules on Performance

Third-Party Blocklists

There are different types of lists - general ad lists, regional lists, malware lists, privacy lists, etc. You can customize your ad blocking by choosing which lists you want to add to Orion.

The FilterLists website provides a comprehensive directory of blocklists you can add to Orion.


Show filters

AdGuard Tracking Protection - Info

Hagezi's Personal Blocklist - Info

yokoffing's Privacy Essentials - Info

Block Outsider Intrusion into LAN - Info

URL Tracking Parameters

Orion cannot filter URL parameters, even when using uBlock Origin. See Chrome and Firefox Extensions Support and Supported WebExtensions APIs for more details.

Actually Legitimate URL Shortener Tool - Info


Block third-party fonts - Info


Show filters

Peter Lowe's ad & tracking server list - Info

d3Host List - Info


Show filters

AdGuard Annoyances - Info

AdGuard Social Media - Info

EasyList Cookie List - Info

I don't care about cookies - Info

yokoffing's Annoyance List - Info

Browse websites without logging in - Info


Bypass Paywalls Clean filter - Info


Show filters

NoCoin Filter List - Info

Dandelion Sprout's Anti-Malware List - Info's%20Anti-Malware%20List.txt

iam-py-test's The malicious website blocklist - Info

Regional Blocklists

EasyList maintains supplementary blocklists that can improve ad blocking on non-English websites.

The list of regional filters is below. Please visit the EasyList website for more information.

Show filters

EasyList Germany

EasyList Italy

EasyList Dutch

Liste FR (French)

EasyList China

RU AdList (Russian, Ukrainian)

Bulgarian list

ABPindo (Indonesian)

Liste AR (Arabic)

EasyList Czech and Slovak

Latvian List

EasyList Hebrew

Dandelion Sprout's Nordic Filters

EasyList Lithuania

EasyList Spanish

EasyList Portuguese

ABPVN List (Vietnamese)

EasyList Polish



ROList (Romanian)

Personal Filters

Orion allows you to create your own filters directly in Orion Settings. You can enable this feature in Orion > Settings > Privacy > Show Filter Lists, then check the Custom Filters checkbox and specify the rules in the text area.

Blocklists - Personal Filters

Blocklist Syntax

Orion follows the Adblock Plus standard for its blocklist syntax, this means any filters created for Adblock Plus are compatible with Orion. You can learn how to create your own blocklists by following the step-by-step guide, or visit the full blocklist syntax reference for more technical details.

Note: Snippet filters are not supported.

Contributing to Blocklists

Many blocklists are open source and maintained by independent groups and communities. Anyone can submit domains for inclusion in the lists.