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Installing Orion

You can download an installer for Orion for macOS and install Orion for iOS/iPadOS from the App Store.

Orion is free and no account or signup is required to use it.

Website Settings

You're in control of your privacy and security with Orion. Click the gear icon at the top of an Orion for macOS window to access the Website Settings for the current webpage.

macOS Website Settings

Vertical Tabs

If you love to have your browser tabs on the side, Orion has you covered with native vertical tabs support.

macOS Vertical Tabs

Reader Mode

Bring peace to a cluttered webpage with Reader Mode.

macOS Reader Mode

Quick Searches

Get right to the content you're looking for by using Quick Searches that directly search your favorite websites.

Changing Bookmark Title

Web Archives

If a webpage won't load in Orion for macOS or you want to see an earlier version of it, you can see if the page is available in a Web Archive.

Here's an example of's previous life when our domain was used by a payment processor:

Web Archive of

Video Picture-in-Picture

When playing a video in Orion for macOS, you can view it in Picture-in-Picture mode.

macOS Picture-in-Picture

Focus Mode

Focus Mode allows you to completely remove toolbars from your browser interface. Browse the web distraction-free!

macOS Focus Mode

Edit Text on a Page

Sometimes you may want to quickly edit text on a page so you can take that perfect screenshot. Orion for macOS makes this possible.

macOS Edit Text

Show Console Errors

Web developers, we got you! You can add an indicator to the address bar of Orion for macOS that shows the number of errors on the page. This error indicator will allow you to quickly open Console and inspect the errors.

macOS Show Errors Example