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Technical Information

We’re still working on our official documentation, but here are a few points of interest if you’d like to get your "hands dirty" with Orion's advanced features.

Orion Web Extensions API support

Orion supports a growing number of Web Extensions APIs, and with them a growing nunber of both Chrome and Firefox extensions.

We maintain a list of officially supported APIs in this document.

Our goal is to eventually support 100% of APIs on Desktop and all APIs that are possible to support on iOS/iPadOS (due to Apple restrictions).

To debug extension issues, follow the troubleshooting guide.

Check Orion browser context (for example in extension)

Check availability of window.KAGI object.

Orion iOS/iPadOS technical information

How do I add support for opening Orion from my app?

orion://open-url?url=url to open an URL
orion://search?q=query to perform search

Orion macOS technical information

Location of Open Tabs

~/Library/Application\ Support/Orion/Defaults/named_windows.plist (Seems to contain only the tabs of the named window with lowest ID integer)
~/Library/Application\ Support/Orion/Defaults/.local_named_windows.plist (Contains tabs from all named windows)

Location of additional tab metadata

~/Library/Application\ Support/Orion/Defaults/.LocalTabsCache.plist

Above contains metadata and cached content from iCloud synchronized tabs

Location of Bookmarks

~/Library/Application\ Support/Orion/Defaults/favourites.plist

Location of History

~/Library/Application\ Support/Orion/Defaults/history

Location of Orion Settings


Location of Profiles

~/Library/Application Support/Orion/profiles (plist format)

Location of Snapshots

~/Library/Application Support/Orion/snapshots/snapshots.plist

Installed Extensions

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Orion/Defaults/Extensions

Orion's WebKit Cache

cd ~/Library/WebKit/com.kagi.kagimacOS

Orion's App Cache

cd ~/Library/Caches/com.kagi.kagimacOS

Delete Single Preferences

defaults delete com.kagi.kagimacOS NewTabOpensTo
defaults delete com.kagi.kagimacOS NewWindowOpensTo
defaults delete com.kagi.kagimacOS HomePageURL

Reset Orion Preferences/Bookmarks/History/Extensions

rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Orion
defaults delete com.kagi.kagimacOS

Remove Cookies

rm -rf ~/Library/HTTPStorages/com.kagi.kagimacOS.binarycookies

Backup Bookmarks to your user folder

cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/Orion/Defaults/favourites.plist ~/

Copy Orion settings from one Mac to another

Copy ~/Library/Preferences/com.kagi.kagimacOS.plist to the same location on another Mac.

Parse Reading List as json and print all URLs

plutil -convert json -o - ~/Library/Application\ Support/Orion/Defaults/reading_list.plist | jq -r '.[].url.relative'

Start Orion without any extensions active

Rename ~/Library/Application Support/Orion/Defaults/Extensions directory before launch. And after that rename this directory to Extensions again to have them back.

Orion's history is an sqllite database. Here's a simple snippet to get you started

sqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Orion/Defaults/history 'SELECT url FROM history_items INNER JOIN visits ON visits.history_item_id = GROUP BY url ORDER BY count(visits.visit_time) DESC LIMIT 10'

And here's a one-liner that will let you fuzzy search your history using fzf

sqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Orion/Defaults/history 'SELECT DISTINCT url FROM history_items' | fzf --ansi --multi | sed 's#.*\(https*://\)#\1#' | xargs open

Syncing settings to Orion RC (Release Candidate)

If you are just getting started with Orion RC and would like to copy over your settings/configuration, you can use this command:

cp -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/Orion ~/Library/Application\ Support/Orion\ RC

Change start page wallpaper to custom image

To change to a custom wallpaper run this command with correct path to picture you want to change it to

defaults write com.kagi.kagimacOS backgroundImageOnStartPage file:///Users/james/Pictures/62068712ee1c9.jpg

I prefer the original WebKit PDF viewer!

Sure, toggle Develop -> Experimental Features -> Enable PDF.js Viewer.