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Troubleshooting Webpage Issues

Orion Compatibility Mode

If you're having an issue using a website on Orion for macOS, enabling Compatibility Mode for the website may resolve it.

Putting a website into Compatibility Mode will:

To put a website into Compatibility Mode, use the gear icon on Orion's toolbar:

Compatibility Mode for a Website on macOS

The gear icon also allows you to access other Website Settings that allow more granular control when troubleshooting.

Empty Cache

If you encounter sluggish loading of web pages and/or switching tabs, try Develop menu -> Empty Cache.

iOS & iPadOS

iOS and iPadOS don't have the Compatibility Mode feature. But, you can disable content blockers for specific websites where they cause problems.

You just tap on the icon for a website in the address bar and then tap Turn off Content Blockers.


iOS Disable Content Blockers


iPadOS Disable Content Blockers