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Troubleshooting Syncing Data Issues

If you have problems syncing between devices try the following in order:

  1. Ensure iCloud Drive is On
    • Make sure that iCloud Drive sync is enabled on all of your devices. See this Apple Support article for instructions for your device.
  2. Toggle Orion in iCloud Settings
    • iOS / iPadOS
      • Open Settings/Apple ID/iCloud/Apps Using iCloud/Show All and toggle off and on the button beside Orion
    • MacOS
      • Open Settings/Apple ID/iCloud/iCloud Drive/Apps Syncing to iCloud Drive - Options and uncheck and check the box beside Orion
  3. Toggle Sync in Preferences
    • MacOS
      1. Use the Orion menu to open Preferences. Open Orion Preferences
      2. Click the Sync tab and find the box for Enable cross-device sync of your tabs, bookmarks, and reading list. Turn it off and then back on. Orion Sync Tab
    • iOS / iPadOS
      1. Tap the three-dot menu (•••) in the upper-right corner of the screen. ipadOS Settings
      2. Tap Settings. iPadOS Orion Sync Settings
      3. In the Sync section, turn Sync off and then back on.