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uBlock Origin on macOS

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Users of the uBlock Origin browser extension for content filtering are a passionate bunch. When we tell them Orion allows them to run uBlock in a WebKit-based browser on macOS, some have cried. But, they've assured us these are tears of joy!

Orion Content Blocking vs. uBlock Origin

Orion's built-in blocker is about 90% as efficient as uBlock Origin using default settings. But, our built-in blocker is faster. We designed it to be a great choice for most users.

For power users who want that last 10% with uBlock, we recommend disabling Orion's content blocker globally. Running both Orion blocking and uBlock may cause interference with each other.

To disable Orion's content blocking:

  1. In Orion, click the Orion menu and choose Preferences.

Orion Preferences Menu Option

  1. Click the Websites tab.
  2. Click Content Blockers in the list of options.
  3. Set "Default settings for all websites" to Off.

macOS Content Blockers Off

We recommend leaving Orion's tracking protection on. It uses WebKit's machine-learning-based technology and complements uBlock Origin to provide the best overall protection.

You can then install the uBlock Origin extension for Chrome or Firefox in Orion.