Quick Start

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Signing Up

Before you can use Kagi, you need to visit https://kagi.com and sign up for a Free Basic or Premium plan.

Basic Searches

To do a basic search, simply visit https://kagi.com and search for something.

Basic Search

Or, if you've set Kagi as your default search engine, you can do a search from your browser's address bar.

Filter Search Results

You can filter your search results to focus on the results you most care about.

Filter Options Button

Filtering Results

Using Search Operators

If you press ? on your keyboard (shift + /) while in search results, Kagi will open a scrollable window showing keyboard shortcuts, search operators, query shortcuts, and widgets. You can also click or tap Help at the bottom of any Kagi webpage to see the same information.

Search Operators

For example, searching for outfit movie ! will take you straight to the first result for that query.

Search Operator Example

You can read documentation that covers the search operators in detail.

Bang Searches

Kagi supports all DuckDuckGo-style bangs. Bangs are shortcuts starting with exclamation points (!) that quickly take you to search results on other sites.

For example, searching Kagi for !w Monty Python will search Wikipedia directly for "Monty Python" and take you to that Wikipedia search result.

Bang Example

Lens Searches

Kagi Lenses allow you to customize your searches by specifying which websites (and other parameters) you see in your results. We provide a few Lenses to get you started, such as one to search only online discussions and forums. You can also create your own!

Here's an example using the built-in EDU lens:

Lens Example

Personalized Results

You can tweak how the website for a result is treated in future Kagi searches using Personalized Results.

Personalized Results Example

You can see your Personalized Results for all websites in Settings.