Search Sources

We use heuristics and deep learning to understand query intent, select the best information sources, query them directly using APIs, and rank the results.

You can think of Kagi as a "search client," working like an email client, connecting to indexes and sources to find relevant results and package them into a superior, secure, and privacy-respecting search experience.

Our searching includes anonymized requests to traditional search indexes like Google and Bing and vertical sources like Wikipedia, DeepL, and other APIs. We also have our own non-commercial index (Teclis), news index (TinyGem), and an AI for instant answers.

Teclis and TinyGem are a result of our crawl through millions of domains, focusing primarily on non-commercial, high-quality content. Our unique results help you discover the best content you can possibly find online, sometimes from the quieter places on the web.

And, of course, we answer quick queries like "How far is the sun from the earth?" or "10kg in lbs" with our instant-answer systems that use dozens of sources and APIs, all connected to you quickly yet transparently.

If Kagi gets results from Google or Bing, it does not display paid/sponsored results. Kagi only shows the organic results to your anonymized queries.