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Kagi vs. Brave Search ‚Äč

We appreciate that Brave is making a free search product and that it cares about user privacy. That said, we believe that Kagi Search is a better solution.

Brave Search is pursuing an ad-based model where users can pay to opt-out of ads. This means that the product direction of Brave Search will be greatly influenced by the needs of advertisers. Kagi Search does not accept advertising and our product direction is guided only by the needs of users.

Brave Search also largely uses its own search index for results. Having a single-index source may be limiting.

Kagi Search includes anonymized requests to traditional search indexes as well our own non-commercial index (Teclis), news index (TinyGem), and an AI for instant answers. Teclis and TinyGem are a result of our crawl through millions of domains, focusing primarily on non-commercial, high-quality content. More about Kagi's search sources.