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Kagi vs. Google

Google's search engine has indeed changed the world and the way we access information. We value this contribution. We’re grateful to have access to Google's search technology and infrastructure for Kagi.

Instead of trying to create a search product for billions of people, we want to develop a refined search experience for sophisticated customers who value high-quality results, privacy, and speed.

Kagi will allow you to discover well-written articles from lesser-known blogs and use features like Lenses and Personalized Results. Ad-supported search must avoid this kind of depth and flexibility to stay profitable. Kagi has unique features, many of which can never be replicated in an ad-supported search engine.

We do not see Kagi as the Google killer. Google's scale and reach are enormous. Google also serves a purpose in the world —it did help enable our modern society to exist, with all its marvels and flaws. Heck, it even enables Kagi to exist!

Think of Kagi as a small, premium brand, providing a very different, tailor-made search experience for people who need and appreciate that.