Team Plan Features

Team Plan Default Settings

Standardizing on defaults will accelerate the onboarding of new team members and provide a consistent experience for all of your users. Every Kagi setting screen will have a “Set Team Default” button, which allows you to define the default setting for every new team account user.

Default Team Settings

Shared Domain Ranking Preferences

Team Members will share domain ranking preferences facilitating greater collaboration across users. All domains the administrator adds to the “Raise” list will be up-ranked in the search results for the entire team. The same goes for the “Block”, “Lower” and “Pin” domain lists. You may also elect to leave these blank and defer to individual users for their prioritization.

Domain Ranking Preferences

Shared Lenses

Team Members may choose to share Lenses across the team.

Shared Lenses

Search API

The Team Plan provides access to one of Kagi's most important features - the Kagi Search API. This is the same API that Kagi’s front end uses to render the results. The API use is charged the same rate as everyday use ($0.0025/search).

As a first step we recommend reviewing the Kagi API Documentation.

Kagi Search API Docs

Once you are prepared to proceed generate your private API token.

Kagi Search API Token

You may also choose to restrict access by limiting communication to selected IPs.

Kagi Search API IPs